In StoryAthlete FUEL, we’re asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10, how disciplined are you in watching what you put into your body as a means to optimize your energy levels?…

I would honestly have to say 3, max.

I eat a good amount of protein and don’t over eat anymore. But I can’t say that I use food to “optimize my energy levels.”

And while I want to say that I don’t eat that bad… The truth is, I have slid back into bad eating habits.

Back in April of this year, I completely cut sugar. I was very strict about it for the first 60 days.

Then Tracy and I had an anniversary trip toward the end of June with a few “cheat” days, then we both had birthdays in July, then there were the Amy’s ice cream trips when it was sweltering in August, and on, and on…

And now… Lately I have been yo-yo-ing with sugar every other week or so. Holding off, then binging for a weekend.

The last official day of the October GRIT challenge was on Halloween, a Thursday. The next GRIT workout wasn’t scheduled until Monday.

I used those “3 days off” as an excuse to stuff my face with Halloween candy, drink a lot of beer, and have 2 doughnuts at the grocery store. And I managed to tell myself the story that I earned the right to just “relax.”

In the original 60 days that I cut sugar, I lost more fat around my waist than I had in a long time. I had more energy. And, I was the most productive I’ve been all year.

Cutting sugar is so simple.

It’s not easy… But it’s simple.

Cutting sugar is a foundational regimen. It makes your body shed fat, feel energized, and be more productive.

While eating sugar makes your body feel bloated, weak, tired, lazy, and what my son calls “croochy.”

By his definition, that’s when you feel fat and your tummy doesn’t feel good because you eat too much candy. 🤣

Why would you ever want to feel “croochy” when all you have to do is cut one thing out?

It’s easy. It’s foundational.

And it was something that I lost sight of. But I’m jumping back in.

Because I only have this one body. And I only have this one life to live.

And I don’t want to live it feeling “croochy.”

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