“One size fits all”

I hate interviewing.

The average series of interview questions for most jobs are superfluous and hold no merit to your ability to perform a job.

And the idea of developing interview skills, to me is a ridiculous waste of time. It is a separate skill set that has nothing to do with real work.

I remember when I was interviewing for teaching positions, there would be a litany of situational questions. None of which were given any context. The interviewer would just throw out vague scenarios and ask what I would do.

What would you do if a kid is acting out? When is the appropriate time to escalate a discipline issue? How would you handle xyz?

I’m bad at interviewing because when I am asked a situational question, it’s either followed with several contextual questions like,

Is this the first time the kid has acted out? What is their home life like? What exactly is he doing to act out? Are they disturbing the whole class or just those around them?

Or, if the interviewer just wants an answer to the question, I would start with the phrase, it depends on the situation… then I’d explain how I would respond to different scenarios within that initial vague imagined scenario…

Because everything has context.

There is no one way to approach any situation.

There are frameworks to operate within… Definite boundaries… But never one strategy that works all of the time.

Moving on into real estate, I’ve discovered that this is even more true when you are dealing with high stakes scenarios.

All people are different. And everyone responds differently based on their wants and needs.

What works in one transaction won’t work in another.

The only thing that works every time is having a framework to go about understanding what people want/need and what they don’t want/need. Then develop a strategy that is tailored to them.

When I first got into real estate, I used to buy into “systems” and “scripts” when working with clients and tenants.

It works when you are starting out and have no idea what to do. But that way of operating always sounds robotic, impersonal, and it rarely resolved issues in a way that makes people happy or feel heard.

In the end, I’d rather be myself and use context when working with people. And do my best to solve problems in a way that builds trust through relationships.

Because life is not “one size fits all.”

And really… I hope I don’t have to do any other interviews any time soon…

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